Ninja Ultima

December 2, 2013
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The new Ninja Ultima™ Blender (starting at $199.99 MSRP) is the most powerful blender available for one third the cost of the Vitamix® 750!  It allows consumers to live a healthy lifestyle through its versatile capabilities and groundbreaking, patent pending Dual-Stage Blending Technology, supported by 1500 watts and 2.5 peak horsepower. This blender makes whole nutrient rich juicing possible through pulverizing whole fruits and vegetables and including all of its valuable nutrients. It truly has revolutionized the way my family juices.   Our family loves the Ninja so much that we truly have made juicing a family affair with my daughter making up her own combinations daily while getting her daily dose of fruits and vegetables in one glass.  I am one happy Mommy because I get to experiment with various recipes all the while adding additional vitamins and supplements.  The Ninja Ultima blender offers more versatility than a traditional blender due to the power, speed ad Dual Stage Blending technology.  You can  create endless recipes from nutrient rich juices to dips and purees and more.  The Ninja should be a household staple in every kitchen as it does heavy duty blending and processing with minimal noise, its very easy to clean up and its lightweight and easy to use.  In addition to the blender, included are 3 professional quality single serve cups with sip&seal lids which truly allow you to blend and go!

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1) David O said:
Awesome review! I was going to buy another brand that was more expensive but this review changed my mind. I'm trying to get my kids to eat healthy but it's not easy. Smoothies are an easier sell to them than regular veggies and fruits so I needed one of these. My ever so empty wallet thanks you for writing this review. David
1 year, 9 months ago

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